Cross Slide Drive


  • 10x3mm 220mm long LH Trapezoid leadscrew from #64141000
  • 2 of 10x3mm LH Nuts in bronze from #64381000
  • 48 tooth HTD pully #17024800
  • 24 Tooth HTD pully #17022400
  • 201mm long HTD belt #17111800
  • 2ea 608 Rollerblade wheel bearings.
  • 20x50mm Scrap Steel about 110mm long
  • 100mm long peice of 60x30mm Rectangular steel tube for motor mount. This could also be bent up out of 2mm thick sheet.
  • 4 of M4x20 cheese head screws
  • 2 of M5x20 socket head screws
  • M8 Nut

As with most things I have built for FrankenSieg, the cross slide drive components are mostly made from junk yard steel. I like working in steel, and have a thing about machine tool parts being proper iron. If you just the thing done. Aluminium is just as good for this use.