Fig 1. Z Axis Home Switch

Fig 2. X axis home switch

Home Switches

I decided against fitting limit switches to my machine. +X will stall on the bearing block. -X will stall on the rear of the enclosure. +Z will stall on either the tailstock, if fitted, or the Z lead screw end bearing block. -Z is dangerous, but the combination of chucks, face plate or centers, and the various turning and boring tools, means that no simple solution for limit switch here would help.

The home switches are currently simple moicroswitches. I have since tracked down a source of better quality microswitches and will replace these if the accuracy proves inadequate.

The Z home screw is bolted to the bed at the back with two M3 tapped holes.

The X axis is fitted to a bracket, mounted from the motor mount. I am not too happy with this solution, and need to either fit swarf guards, or find a better mount solution. Works though.