Cube Litening Team

Bought this bike last year. It is a 2000 model (Cube now uses the litening team model name for road racing bikes). The previous owners had really looked after it. Cube's powder coating is still in pristine condition.

Although I really didn't need a fully, I just loved the look of the Cube, and it was better equiped than any of the new hard tails which were in my price range.

It is very light for a fully. Just over 12Kg. It is also very well equipped with XT all around, except the wheels which are Mavic. It has Rockshox Sid's front and rear.

No disc brakes, which is good as the 2000 Sid's have a reputation for being pretty flexible and I am quite heavy. I need to add a brake booster plate to the rear brake, as the frame flexes significantly with rear brake application. Not sure of the brand of rear brake calipers. These are narrower than the front's XT, but your heel still rubs on the cable a bit.

I only got it at the end of Autumn, so I haven't ridden it enough to get the suspension dialed in yet. The tail is definately too soft at present. I want to strip and rebuild the SID's at both ends, but have other more pressing things on my to do list.