Lathe Alignment Check


Dialing in the rear LH corner at zero, the base plate is 0.0015 high at LH front, 0.0012 high at RH Rear, and 0.0024 high at RH Front (First four pictures). This is much better than Rick's was, which is lucky as I don't have a mill to fix it anyway. If the whole Tailstock assembly ends up above centerline, I will file here.

The alignment of the aligning boss was next measured. Standard, it it is the face toward the the head stock which is in contact with the tailstock body.

This feature is angled off 0.0007 over it's length with the front being closer to the headstock. The rear surface is spot on along it's length. I will use this as a refence when I build the tailstock back up.

I am not set up to do the tailstock body checks which Rick Fruger did. Once I have the lathe back together I will use an empirical approach with a test bar to find the correct shim packs to get the tailstock center aligned and at the correct height.