Quick Change Tool Post.


I changed my mind for now. A QCTP set is so essential to a CNC lathe, that I have been getting very frustrated without it. Due life getting in the way, I really wasn't getting the time to finish my design now. I decided to bite the bullet and buy a wedge style Phase II AXA QTCP set with an extra plain turning holder and a #2MT holder from ENCO. Not ideal for the 7x12, but I figured I will one day have a bigger lathe, and there is nothing to stop me making a smaller QCTP system once I have the Mill.

Update 18/MAY/2005
I love this system. I now have 11 tool holders for it. The size is rarely an issue, and it is the most rigid and accurate part of the machine. The only time I use anything else is if I need to use a parting tool at beyond about 80mm diameter (like pulley grooves). Great tool.