Whats New:
09.09.2012 Paleochora

26.02.2012 Horseing around.

I got a new camera, so here are some photos from trying it out.

16.02.2012 Skiing in Corinthia

02.02.2012 Photos from NZ 2011

18.06.2011 I guess it has been a while since i did anything with the website. I have just moved to a commercial host. Sorry the site was down for so long.

30.03.2009 Levelled and recrowned the Strat's frets. Added new links.

22.02.2009 Finally put up the Photos from XMAS in NZ.Also added some information on my two newest guitars, a Yamaha SG1000, and a Fender American Standard Strat.

08.09.2008 Photos from Naxos

28.05.08 Photos from Xmas 2007(Finally)
and photos of a weekend in Kärnten in May.

Nov 07 Photos of our weekend in Barcelona with Friends

08.09.2007 Added photos from our summer holidays

10.12.06 Added home page photo of the kids dancing.

05.11.06 Working on the firewall countour to fit a 13B.

14.09.06 A few new photos of Sophie.

13/SEP/2006 Christian and I have bought a kitset aircraft project. It is a Mustang II.

06/AUG/2006 Added photos of family trip to Tirol from JUL 2006

05/MAY/2006 Added family pictures

11/FEB/2005 Pictures from NZ trip

01/NOV/2005 Started working on a micrometer spindle stop for the lathe.

04/OCT/2005 Uploaded album of pictures from summer holiday in Zakynthos

06/08/2005 Uploaded family pictures from early August.

20/JUL/2005 Uploaded two new pages of family pictures.

05/MAY/2005 have been making slow progress on the mill head.

19/MAR/2005 Cleaned up a broken Link

13/NOV/04 Making good progress on the head for FrankenDeckel.

21/OCT/04 Added photo of RC model Chinook

14/OCT/04 Added spindle indexer and spindle encoder

13/OCT/04 Added to FrankenDeckel

23/SEP/04 added a new Family Album

28/AUG/04 added a photo to my shed.

18/JUL/04 completed Driver page. Added Home switches

12/JUL/04 Added links to John Moran and the Internet Craftsmanship Museum.

I have been busy making some Bell mouths for a friends Wankel engined RV-4 aircraft.

03/JUL/04 Added link to Model Engine News

21/APR/04 I've been busy with business trips and sick kids, but have done a bit on the enclosure. I changed my mind on the QCTP. Bought a Sherline Industrial ER16 collet Spindle for FrankenDeckel. Model 6508. Seems very nicely made, and the people at Sherline industrial were very friendly and helpful.

21/MAR/04 Continued the Alignment checks on the lathe tailstock.

15/MAR/04 Added photos from our NZ trip to family album.

14/MAR/2004 Updated Guitar review to add pictures.

08/MAR/04 It's been too cold in Vienna to get much machining done on the balcony lately. I just started working on the enclosure for the the lathe. As is typical for me, I have about 10 different lathe projects running concurrently.

28/FEB02/04 Had a very wet holiday in NZ with the family. My site was down for a few days while my gracious host Walter migrated his company to a new server. Added a review of my Yamaha L20A guitar and Cube Litening Team

07/JAN/03 Added some more family pictures. Added more links and some info about FrankenDeckel

31/DEC/03 Happy New Year.

I ran my cross slide into the live center, knocking my tailstock further out of alignment (Sieg T/S's are crap at best). Decided to do a thorough alignment check.

30/DEC/03 Corrected the ZMX backplane board, and etched a new one.

29/DEC/03 I've been working on the QCTP, and a back plane adaptor for the ZMX microstepping drivers which will power the FrankelDeckel.

21/DEC/03 Started working on an Indexable Quick Change Tool Holder for FrankenSieg.

20/DEC/03 Corrected bug in Tool path generator added link to Gizmology

29/NOV/03 added CNC Driver and Controller

27/NOV/03 finished CNC cross slide drive

23/NOV/03 continued adding to CNC cross slide drive and a couple more links added Tool path generator

21/NOV/03 started on CNC cross slide drive

17/NOV/03 By order of my Mum, I have added some more family pics.

16/NOV/03 Added cross slide travel increase

15/NOV/03 Added an overview of my shed. Added Carriage lock and Tailstock die holder

14/NOV/03 Added to T-Slot Cross slide.

09/NOV/03 T-Slot Cross slide added. Found a great deal on stepper drivers at Phytron.

Added menu structure to Interests Page

Put up simple home page.
Created basic folder structure.
Inserted place holders in each folder.
Populated links page.




The Kids Dancing